We offer a variety of gourmet, canned seafood products from all over the world!

Baby Eels in Olive Oil

Razor Clams in Brine

Sea Urchin Roe in Brine

Small Scallops in Galician Sauce

Stuffed Squids in Ink

Smoked Small Sardines in Olive Oil

Spiced Mackerel Paté

Trout Paté with Port Wine

Small Mackerel in Olive Oil

Spiced Calamari in Ragout Sauce

Stickleback in Pickled Sauce

Roes of Hake in Olive Oil

Tuna Paté

Spiced Octopus in Olive Oil

Sardines in Spanish Olive Oil

Sardines with Lemon

Octopus in Spanish Olive Oil

Blue Crab Bay Chopped Sea Clams

Ortiz White Tuna

Agostino Recca Fillets of Anchovies

Chowan’s Best Herring Roe