Party Platters

We can prepare a party platter for any occasion you may be planning!

We also handle special orders. Contact us to place an order today.

Some of our offerings include:

    • Cheese Balls & Dips
    • -Shrimp Ball
    • -Crab Ball
    • -Smoked Salmon Ball
    • -Hot Crab Dip
    • -Smoked Salmon Spread
    • Hors D’Oeuvres
    • -Mini Crab Cakes
    • -Mini Salmon Cakes
    • -Mini Shrimp Cakes
    • Platters
    • -Shrimp Platter
    • -Smoked Salmon Platter
    • -Lox Platter
    • -Cheese Ball Platter
    • -Sampler Platter
  • If you have a platter you’d like to use, bring it in and we’ll set it up for you